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Things are a little unclear to its exact origins. There are many early references to them throughout historical documents and fiction. In contrast to its earlier place amongst the wealthy, during the 17th & 18th centuries, the pasty became synonymous with the working people of Cornwall.

Now part of Cornwall’s culinary heritage, the pasty became the staple diet of Tin miners. The famous D shape enabled the miners to re-heat the pasty underground, and the crimped edge, the crust, was a handle to be discarded due to the high levels of arsenic in many mines.

The pasty is now popular worldwide due to the migration of Cornish miners. With the decline of the tin mining industry during the 19th Century, their expertise spread to North America, Australia, Mexico, Argentina and elsewhere.

Today the pasty accounts for about 6% of the Cornish economy and nationally it shows no signs of waning in popularity. The name “Cornish pasty” has even been awarded geographical protection by the European commission.

From Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well - “I will confess what I know without constraint: if ye pinch me like a pasty, I can say no more”

From a baker to Henry VIII’s wife Jane Seymour - "...hope the pasty reaches you in better condition than the last one..."

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